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roleplaysecrets works the same as other secret communities. A submissions post is found with the tag !submissions or links from previous secret batches, and all of you roleplayers can post anonymous secrets in the form of graphics. A post goes up daily with submitted secrets that everyone can comment on and discuss merrily.

This community was created in an attempt to alleviate the large influx of RP-related secrets over at fandomsecrets. We'd like to think it's working quite well! So please enjoy your time here and follow the few rules. Don't stick gum in each other's hair or throw sand in each other's faces and we'll be just dandy. ♥

Secret mod-tans ⇒ rpsecretmods
FRIEND the community. Do not join it. Only mods can do that!
ALL secrets must be RP-related. Post about a game, a character, a player - anything goes so long as it's related to journal/forum-roleplay.
WANK is inevitable. Unfortunately there's no way around this, especially since we're dealing with roleplayers here. That's just how it goes. We here at RP!S implore you to take everything with a grain of salt. If someone doesn't like the way you play a character or mod a game, don't pack up your e-toys and go home. This is the internet. Try not to take things too seriously! On the same note, please try to refrain from being intentionally wanky. Even if you're hiding behind anonymity, please don't be excessively rude or unhelpful. Try to get your point across in a way that'll help that person, not hurt them.
IN an effort to control spam in the comments, we've banned the "First!" game. Any comments made in an attempt to get first will be immediately deleted. Us mods already beat you to that anyway, nyeh nyeh!
ANY secrets naming usernames of mods or players alike will not be posted, under any circumstances.
ANONYMOUS commenting is always on, and IP logging is always off. However, if the mods catch an overabundance of wanking/ongoing personal attacks, IP logging will be turned on and serious action will be taken to stop it.
THERE is one submissions post found via the !SUBMISSIONS tag or linked from every daily secret post. You can submit a secret at any time to that post! Think of what you want to submit, and go into paint/photoshop/insert-image-editor-of-your-choice and make your secret. It can be as pretty or plain as you like - even text on a plain background is fine! Maximum dimensions are 800x800 pixels! Anything above these dimensions will be linked in the too big section at the bottom.
UPLOAD your secret image to an online anonymous host - we suggest tinypic.com! Stay away from photobucket or your LJ scrapbook, since they're easily-traceable.
YOU are responsible for finding a reliable image host. If your link breaks by the time we go to add it, it will get tossed in the broken link section and you will have to resubmit your secret. We post every secret submitted unless it breaks the rules, so if your secret doesn't show up and it didn't break the rules, check the N!S sections and broken links.
IF you have multiple secrets to submit, you MUST submit them all separately in a new comment each. Any multiples in one comment will be ignored.
ONCE you've posted your secret, sit back and wait. The estimated lag rate is not always entirely accurate, and it changes every day. If you haven't seen your secret after two weeks and our lag rate is nowhere near that long, it's safe to assume your secret was N!S'd, broken, or broke the rules and you're free to double-check, edit, and resubmit. All secrets posts will be up every day by 7PM CST.
No one in roleplaysecrets claims ownership to any characters or series represented here in secret-form.

We are not responsible for any fanart or other original works submitted or posted in the community.

Above all, remember that you are the one that submitted your secret, and we don't do take-backs around here, so any repercussions from posting the secret fall on your shoulders, as the poster. Please do not complain to us, because there's nothing we can or will do.


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