the motherfucking letter bee (skycatcher) wrote in roleplaysecrets,
the motherfucking letter bee


Okay everyone, get your mingle on! This is the last post, where you'll get to make friends with other watchers, share your stock of GIFs, reflect on how RP!S has made/broken you as a roleplayer, or just plain party!

Don't forget that there's now therpsecrets (as rpsecrets2 has died out) for your daily fix, I imagine starting up tomorrow if they have enough submissions.

I'm also streaming a couple Ghibli movies tonight, so feel free to poke your head into kintama in just a minute for Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away! I'll also play just about anything else if I get early enough warning to download it, if there's any requests.

Run free!

Tags: !mod
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