May 7th, 2011

another long day


...but bitter is good, right? Like dark chocolate? ...No? Well anyway. Hey everyone! Jamie here with the usual announcements, although I'm afraid it's one that none of you will particularly want to hear. Or read, you know.

The other mods and I have discussed this, but we honestly feel that RP!S has lost its original purpose and is being used for ill more and more often. The watch list has dwindled down, submissions are usually lacking and we run out often, and there is way, WAY too much hatred flying around on a daily basis. Yes, we still have positive secrets. Yes, we realize some of you are still having fun, and yes, you'll probably say that RP!S was an outlet in the first place. But it has never been so vitriolic in the years we've been running the new RP!S as it is now, and frankly no one is comfortable or excited to moderate it anymore. We try to keep a pretty fair hands-off policy, but it's getting harder to do so by the day. It isn't a far stretch to say that most negative secrets are created as a way to snip at someone else and remain anonymous, but there's other communities for that. It's blurring the lines of what secrets should be and I won't get into that argument, since it heavily depends on interpretation and individual opinions-- but the point is, that isn't what RP!S should be used for!

And so, we'll be closing down RP!S here soon. It's already been decided that I won't be passing the community to anyone else, nor will we be taking new mods on or giving the community away. The other mods and I all agreed that it isn't something we'd want to shove on anyone else, especially a new set of people with no experience dealing with a place such as RP!S. So alas, we won't just hire new mods or give the community to someone else to run. We'll allow another week or so of submissions while posting as usual, close submissions down, and post the rest of the secrets in larger batches depending on the remaining submissions. We'll also be posting one final post to go out with a party and give everyone the chance to friend others you've seen around and the like, mess around with RP accounts, etc and say your goodbyes.

It's been a long run, and we've hit over a thousand secret posts! I won't throw any figures around since we've fluctuated with batch numbers and my math is terrible, but can you just imagine? That's over 10,000 secrets at the LEAST!

There will always be other communities to go to for much the same content, such as fandomsecrets (for secrets in general, but don't submit RP!secrets unless the mods allow it!) and rpanoncomm, so we only ask that you guys respect our decision to close operations and not make a big deal of it! Thanks for everyone's support and we're sorry we couldn't make it work longer! :(

EDIT: A replacement has already been made, so be sure to give rpsecrets2 your support! (and more importantly, submissions!)
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